Jaim lives with his wife in Minneapolis

Who is Jaim?

  • President/Principal Consultant/iOS/Mobile Devops @ Sharp Five Software

  • Guitar @ Rare Medium

  • Remote worker

  • Year-round cyclist

  • Loves Soul Jazz & BBQ

  • Nascent soccer fan

I like the cut of your jib. Can I hire you?

Sure! As CTO-for-hire I help companies make smart technology decisions. Many of my clients haven’t grown to the point where a full-time CTO and development team make sense. But they still need someone to make sure their technology aligns with their business goals. Other clients have solid tech leadership in place, but haven’t built up their mobile expertise yet.

Do you still write code?

Certainly. My specialties are native mobile development (iOS and Android) and mobile DevOps. I’ve got a pretty solid track-record of leading and delivering large projects. Consider me a good fit for companies that want to bring in a player-coach to level-up their development teams.

I work through my consulting company Sharp Five Software.

But since you’re a friend, you can email me at jaim@sharpfivesoftware.com.

I mean like a full time job


I’m not considering individual contributor roles. But if you need someone to jump-start a new initiative or build a diverse, remote team we should talk.

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