I recently finished a Director of Engineering Role at a Digital Bank. I led the US based mobile and web teams.

What is next?

Pendulum & Flattening are the trends in 2024.

Both IC and Leadership roles can be good fits. Given the recent trend of flattening, there are many Managers and Directors looking for work. I’m expecting competition for leadership roles to be strong.

I’m also mindful of the Pendulum theory which states “The best frontline eng managers in the world are the ones that are never more than 2-3 years removed from hands-on work. […] And the best technical leaders in the world are often the ones who do both. Back and forth. Like a pendulum.”

In that light, a switch back to Engineering wouldn’t be surprising.

In the near term, I’m taking on consulting clients again. This includes iOS development and Fractional Technology Leadership. More info available at my business site.

What have you been doing?

I was hired as a Director of Engineering. But my actual scope comprised the following

  • Principal Engineer for worldwide mobile org.
  • Engineering Manager for US based iOS and Android devs.
  • Director for US based Web and Mobile teams.

Does that seem like a lot? Yes it does. I’ll be glad to take on a more focused role going forward.

What does a good fit look like?

I did all of the above well. And consider similar roles a good fit.

Although my role was varied, the best parts of my week were digging into tech problems, and times when I could step back and think strategically about how to improve things. As others have mentioned, front line engineering manager work is draining. But I enjoy it and have proved I can do it at a high level.

For Leadership roles, I’d be confident leading orgs up to 25 people. And more with sufficient headwinds.

I’m more concerned with impact than title. I’ll work at whatever level is needed to get results.

Where do I sign up?

Does any of the the above fit what you’re looking for? Hit me up at jaim@sharpfivesoftware.com!