Update: As of December 2021, I’ve accepted an offer and will be starting a full time leadership position in early 2022. More details to come.

Hey all. I’m ramping up the job search. Here is a quick overview of the skills I have, and the types of companies that can use them. Throughout my search, I’m giving the same elevator pitch over and over. By writing it down I’m hoping it will save us all some time.

If you are an HR Professional, please read this before contacting me.

For my non-tech friends, please pardon the jargon. I also find it distasteful.

What are you looking for?

I do iOS development. Truthfully I do a lot of other things as well. But I don’t want to confuse people. I’ve also been running a software company for the past 12 years so I’ve developed leadership chops far beyond what you’d expect from an IC. 
 I’m open to:

  • IC or (hands on) Leadership
  • FTE or consulting/contract
  • Remote preferred but open to Hybrid in the Minneapolis area

…well that doesn’t nail it down much so here goes

What would a good IC role look like?

Lead/Staff/Principal iOS Engineer

I’m not actually tied to iOS or any particular technology. This is more of a realization that there are not nearly enough experienced leaders with deep mobile chops so it will likely be the best fit.

What problems can you solve for my company?

  • We’re doubling our team size and need someone who knows what the next level looks like
  • We know the team has talent, but we can’t ship
  • We want to improve our automated testing but don’t know how
  • We have a solid core of a team but want to level up our engineering practices
  • Someone told us we need to do Digital Transformation but we don’t really know what that is

What would a good leadership role look like?

Software Engineering Manager or Director for mid-sized+ companies
  • VP of Engineering or CTO for startups and small companies
  • 5-10 direct reports with some expectation of being hands on

I have more direct experience with tech strategy and team building than re-orgs and spreadsheets. If you expect your leaders do more of the former, let’s talk.